Plan Application Stack for Dev and Test Scenarios

In the previous article Designing Application Stack for an Early Startup I briefly discussed what every application or system could be involved into the startup application stack. Even the most important is building the product, you as an architect has to also plan for future and design middleware and infrastructure to be easily extended. Business is everything but steadiness. You will deal

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Designing Application Stack for an Early Startup

Before your application stack grows into behemoth size it is better to cut this monstrous creature into eatable pieces. Even if this declaration could sound strong and mysterious I have to admit  I saw such huge application environments in several firms. It was almost impossible to recreate it for failover purpose. If anything failed there was still some man on 24/7

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Using Azure Availability Set to Increase SLA of Your VMs

Today’s users expect that any application is operational all the time. What could be easier achievable for some desktop or mobile application, could be an issue for web or SaaS applications. Most of Azure services implement high availability feature by design. For instance Azure SQL has 3 replicas in one datacenter by default, if some one replica dies 2 are still available

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Automation on Azure using Resource Manager

As you probably already heard cloud computing is well designed for dev & test scenarios. Each developer could create and deploy his or her own environment and isolate development of new feature. The power of cloud has a great keen sense of automation tests. For each test you can provision all resources and services at the beginning run the test and finally

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