Tips of the week 2015-07-06

I have opened this week’s tips with Mike Issac opinion on angel investors, their structure and selection by entrepreneurs. Mark Suster has his own point of view and in some case answer to Issac article. J.D. has written interesting idea how to find your values from inside. There is a new extension for Visual Studio called Refactoring Essentials and I really like all it offers. Microsoft has released interesting open source project for its Power BI which provides high quality data visualization. Another interesting video published from AngularU conference this time TypeScript and Angular 2.0. This week I can’t suggest more then to listen new Hanselminutes podcast about Debugging Windows, it is so awesome.



  • Microsoft Power BI visuals _ project provides high quality data visualization that you can use to extend Power BI. The project contains over 20 visualization types, the framework to run them, and the testing infrastructure that enables you to build high quality visualizations._



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