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Hi, my name is Petr Baros.

I love to develop software for people who craves to brighten up their innovative ideas. I love to create software architecture for people who needs to automate their processes. I truly love to help people who desperately wants to simplify our lives. I am here to listen your story and design the solution which fits your needs. It does not matter which kind of software you urge. During my 25+ years career I created quite a lot of desktop, server, web, mobile, and cloud applications which some of them are still in production and under development for more then 15 years.

I am solution architect & software developer from Czech republic. I mainly focus on all of Microsoft technologies and products, I currently keen on cloud computing specifically Azure platform. I still learn all services of Azure deeply I try each in common scenarios, from classic web application, over IoT or mobile solutions, over Media services, till Machine Learning and Power BI.

I know how to design applications according to business needs considering budget, time, scope and resources. I thoroughly present several solutions to stakeholders about how it is possible to accomplish their mission, using language business people well understand. I am the guy connecting business and technical worlds. I closely work with developers as well as with business people on delivering high quality product just in time.

Here are some examples of my applications:
SCADUS 1998-2006
I have created software controlling the equipment which testing the electronic parts like diodes, transistors, amplifiers, converters, processors, etc. It is still in production. The software is designed to collect measurement data of different parameters, evaluate the results and sort components under the test. It produces different statistical reports and provides information for production management. I personally installed the system on site in enterprises like Siemens, Bosch, Alcatel, Saab Ericsson, ESA Estec, Power Integrations, or PG&E nuclear power plant and taught their engineers how to use and enhance our software.
Polishing Line Control SW 2011-2013
For ON Semiconductor, former Motorola, I have designed and developed control software for huge production line. The software automates complex polishing line for 24/7 production of polished silicon wafers (75k per week). It controls 15+ subsystems with 30+ terminals. The specific of the system is that it is fully run on servers located in far datacenter. It remotely controls all the equipment of production line. I was the software architect as well as project manager directly reporting to branch senior management. The code fragment of one of its library can be found on my GitHub.
Image Segmentation 2012
For the university I have implemented desktop application for Graph-based Image Segmentation implementing a few graph algorithms. This software is used for image recognition and early prototype can be found on my GitHub.
Service Tier 2014-2015
Almost 2 years I was lead developer and architect for SolarWinds‘ web and business services. As first task I have split one big monolith into 30+ separated microservices and proposed and established development and deployment processes. This middleware connects systems like Netsuite, SalesForce, Marketo, intenal DBs with the company web sites and internal applications. One of my latest service was graph-based algorithm suggesting customers the best upgrade path of their purchased SolarWinds’ products.

When I’m not creating overwhelming products and supporting the businesses, I can be found
– reading a lot to keep pace with latest technologies,
– playing with my son and teaching him how to create amazing things from Lego,
– traveling the world, like gaining PADI scuba diving certificate on Philippines’ beautiful coral reefs, hiking the Redwood National Park to see the world’s tallest trees‎, or watching a sunset over Gothenburg Gulf.

Work with me right now. Contact me on my LinkedIn profile.

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