Service interface layer

In this article I would like to describe a little about my thoughts on how to define API of service. I will explain how to define arguments of request and result of response, which could make API more stable and robust. This approach could be applied in any transport protocol or any programming language as well. The very straight forward

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Writing immutable code in C#

Do you write business application, where change requests are on daily basis? Do you write software, which musts be reliable and robust? Do you write components, which could be easily extensible or/and scalable? You can find some interesting thoughts in that article. And following described approach could save your time when maintaining the code. During last few years there was

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Hello World

Well, I finally start blogging after many years I have only thought about it. I would like to hand on my knowledge of software development I gained last 25+ years. So I will cite Scott Hanselman’s first blog post “We will see how long it lasts.”

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