Strategy for Continuous Delivery of Service Tier

There are a few aspects each architect should take into consideration when designing Service Tier. There is not much difference if your service tier is small or large, if it is hobby or mission critical project, in almost every case you will need update some service, sooner or later. Some updates are simple and have zero impact in direction to clients, but

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Simple web application on Azure

There was written plenty of articles how to create an architecture of simple web application for any cloud platform. In this article I would like to describe some possible solution for Microsoft Azure. Although there could be a small differences between the platforms, following architecture and design can be simple reuse for other platforms as well. Application description Let’s start with short description of

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Tips of the week 2015-07-13

Articles Andrew Hubbard: Building a Successful App With Paid User Acquisition James Clear: One Reason Our Brains Love to Procrastinate Kate Taylor: The 10 Biggest Motivation Killers and How to Fix Them Karine Heyden: 3 Tech Brands That Became Recognizable Without VC funding J.D.Meier: Act Yourself Into a New Way of Thinking J.D.Meier: Heart-Led Leadership J.D.Meier: The More Distinctions You

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