Strategy for Continuous Delivery of Service Tier

There are a few aspects each architect should take into consideration when designing Service Tier. There is not much difference if your service tier is small or large, if it is hobby or mission critical project, in almost every case you will need update some service, sooner or later. Some updates are simple and have zero impact in direction to clients, but

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Is split of service interface layer and business logic layers worthwhile?

When developing service tier, you need to consider several non-functional aspects as well. In small or medium-sized companies or in enterprises the application are developed and supported for several years. For service layer it stands many times more. But the technologies are changing faster and your services need to provide functionality for all sorts of clients. During the time I

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Service interface layer

In this article I would like to describe a little about my thoughts on how to define API of service. I will explain how to define arguments of request and result of response, which could make API more stable and robust. This approach could be applied in any transport protocol or any programming language as well. The very straight forward

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